Mcente System Key Features

Login interface

The login page is so user-friendly. It simply requires your username and password. Your login details are encrypted with latest security tools.


The Mcente System has a simple and clear user interface, with best-practice workflows taking you through all core processes, and relevant data always at your fingertips. The dashboard is so user friendly that key decision makers in the organization like the board members not do need to be experts in IT to interpret the data sets.  The system has a simple graphic user interface and features to clearly guide the users to make data driven decisions.  The data analytics in the system helps the organization to track day – to – day business progress and its health status.

Chart of Account/Integrated Accounting.

The system comes with a fully configurable flexible chart of accounts. It’s easy to add new GLs and link them to specific products, charges, or branches. While all the portfolio bookings are automated (such as when a loan is disbursed or a repayment is made), you can also enter manual journal entries when you need to make a correction, or to manage your non-portfolio accounts. In addition, the Mcente System comes with a full set of financial reports, including your Balance Sheet, Cash flow Report, Daily Trial Balance and Income Statement.

Loan Modules

The Mcente System offers full and flexible loan and savings modules. You have the freedom to extensively customize products, tweaking features such as the loan term, repayment frequency, interest rate, interest calculation method, grace periods, charges and more. All products are fully integrated with accounting, but you can easily set up specific accounting rules for different products if required. The processes around disbursing loans or activating savings follow best practice microfinance processes, requiring maker- checker principals at all times, while remaining intuitive and easy to use. You can capture collateral items linked to a loan, and add loan guarantors.

High Quality Reports

The Mcente System provides an extensive suite of high quality reports – about 140 of them, providing information on the portfolio, client numbers, savings accounts and portfolio quality at an institution level, branch level, loan officer level, right down to information on specific groups and clients. All reports have been built based on customer feedback and tailored needs. Our system is centered around Human Centered Design (HCD), so a lot of developments are made of 99% of customer needs and requirements. The report module come with filters which guides the users to specifically pull out both summarized and detailed reports from the system.  The reports ranges from customer reports to general transaction. Each report has sub-reports. NB: We always customize the system reports to capture more needs as they come out from our dear customers.


We have integrated the Mcente System with both MTN and Airtel. We’re in process to integrate other payment gate ways such as Payway, VISA, Africell and UTL.  Whether you want to import thousands of mobile transactions in a single batch; automatically generate an outgoing MTN or Airtel disbursements file; intelligently filter duplicates, split loans where the loan size is above MM(Mobile Money) transaction limits, or enable clients to repay for one another using their mobile phones, you can use our state of the art robust system to schedule payments. You do not have to be there always to click and pay, the system is built to do that for you as you’re enjoy you quality time with your beloved ones.

USSD Feature.

Financial inclusion can be possible especially in a digital native economy like Uganda and other parts of Africa that have embraced digital means to promote financial service delivery. Given that the biggest percentage of the population owns simple basic phones, Mcente is integrated with USSD tools to enable the BOP customers to transact with their basic mobile phones with ease.

Client & Group Management

The Mcente System works with both Individual and Group Client methodologies. If a Group Client graduates to become an Individual Client, it is easy to change the client’s status. All client and group information is easily accessible, searchable and editable, while the workflows for adding new clients and groups are based upon microfinance best practices. The system enables the capture of personal information, unique identifiers, next of kin details, business information and much more. You can upload scanned photos or documents to a client’s account, and of course add notes to a client for anything else you would like to remember.